We got our equipment!

Well, here we go on our fabulous bee adventure!

Last Friday was a huge bee day for us. Our bee mentor invited us over to take a look at his hive and show us some things. He was so kind in taking time for us and super helpful in answering the millions of questions I had. I’m feeling more and more prepared for the end of this week when I pick up my bees.

We also went and picked up our equipment from Keith Lazar out in Farmington Hills – he’s  definitely going to be my go-to guy for all things supplies-wise. The hive came unassembled, in about a hundred different pieces, but once we started putting it together it was really straight forward. Andrew surprised me today with most of it put together already. I’m going to wait until tomorrow to prime the outside of the hive to give the wood glue a chance to dry for 24 hours, plus with how crazy the wind was today I’m probably better off anyways – we actually lost power for a little while!

Tonight I’m going to start drawing out some thumbnails for what I want to paint on the hive. This is going to be such an opportunity to go wild and crazy with the look of it. I don’t know why I can’t find my prismas, though; I guess that’s a sign that it’s been too long since last I doodled something.


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