Painted Pink

I’m not really one to enjoy pink, actually I tend to avoid the color, but somehow it just felt right for the home of my 10,000 girls. I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint. It has the low VOC that I was looking for so I don’t harm the bees. A gallon of paint was more than I needed, so if anyone needs some baby-girl pink exterior/interior paint, let me know! This weekend I will put some decorative touches on the hive to give it more personality.


2 thoughts on “Painted Pink

    • There are probably about a couple hundred drones (males), but the rest of the thousands are all female (foragers, nurse bees, gaurd bees). The queen is the only fertile one, however. The other females are actually able to lay eggs in an emergency situation such as a failing queen or the sudden death of the queen, but because they aren’t fertile they only are able to make drones. It’s pretty interesting. The sole purpose of the drones is to mate with queens from other hives, and they die after that. Their eyes are much larger than female bees so that they can spot a queen from far away when she is performing her mating flight. Any leftover drones within a hive generally get pushed out of the hive before winter comes because they become a burden on the hive (they can’t feed themselves and they consume a lot of honey that is needed to last all winter).

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