Honey Bee Hive

Here’s the completed hive! Hopefully the flowers I  painted on the supers won’t confuse the honey bees – not that the flowers are so realistic looking, but only because I heard they like geometric shapes and bright colors. I wanted to take the opportunity to make each box different AND I wanted to use lots of color because…well, why not? It was a lot of fun to personalize it!

Bee pick-up day is probably now going to be on Saturday. There are a few showers in the forecast which will help keep the bees calm for transporting; however, I know you’re not supposed to open a hive or nuc if the weather is at all chilly or windy, and especially rainy, which might make putting them in their new hive a little challenging. So far Sunday looks promising to move the frames from the nuc to the hive even if it’s the day after I get them home.


5 thoughts on “Honey Bee Hive

    • Thanks! You might as well, it’s so FUN! I had already asked my neighbors if they cared if I started keeping bees, so I’m not worried at all about it standing out in my yard now. I already can’t wait to paint another one! Another beekeeper in the same neighborhood mentioned that his hive for the past three years has been so strong that he has had to split the hive each year. I’m hoping that mine will be as successful so that I can give someone (a new beginner) one of there own to start out with.

      • yeah, we have a silly law here that requires the hives to not be visible from the street. Unfortunately a neon pink box would be rather noticeable in my yard.
        Its nice that you have a beekeeper in your neighborhood ! As far as I know I’m all alone over here, but as I’ve said, hives aren’t allowed to be visible from the street. I’d ask your neighborhood guy about nectar flows and such, because you might not need to be feeding right now. And it’s nice to know when you can expect flows and increases in activity, which helps you gauge when to add boxes or supers. The more information you have, the better.
        I’m going to be splitting my hive on wednesday, weather permitting! The bees made over 16 swarm cells in a week, so they’re clearly ready to swarm.

      • Yeah! That’s craziness! I read that on your blog about them preparing to swarm. I really hope you get your new hive in time! Where are the placement of the swarm cells?
        My neighborhood guy says he gets tangy honey, he’s going to give me some to try and I can’t wait! I imagine I’ll have similar tasting honey. I’ll ask him about the timing of flows. I did ask him about my boardman feeder, and he wasn’t sure since he had never used that one, but he said I didn’t need to feed them because it will encourage them to go out and find their own food. I ended up feeding them anyways this week because my nuc guy said I should, but I’m not going to going forward I think. I was surprised how much they liked it, however, because it took them an entire day and a half to start using it.
        I don’t know about your location, but we got spring rather early here in MI. We had an abnormally warm winter, and so people are saying that may make the busy season for bees end a lot sooner. I’m really not sure what to expect this year, but I know I’ll learn a lot!

      • Swarm cells are usually more to the edge of the frames. Supersedure cells are more in the middle of the frame. I haven’t heard an exact reason for this, but my guess is that the supersedure cells are more important to the hives survival, so they go in the center of the frames, where as the swarm cells aren’t so important so they go on the edges of the frames. Reaaallly just kind of made that up, but that’s my guess.
        huh, I wonder what you’ve got growing in your neighborhood!
        Yeah, feeding isn’t really a good idea unless absolutely necessary. The sooner they’re out foraging, the better!
        Spring seems pretty on track over here. I read through some old posts from last year and the weather seems to be almost exactly the same, haha. However, I’m not entirely sure what that means just yet because last year my bees were only just getting started now, instead of being in almost full swing like they are now. So who knows what all will happen! Every year is a gamble, lol.

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