Tomorrow is Bee-day!!

This is it! The night before I bring home my little ones. Time to go through the checklist.

– EpiPen training – check!

– Special clothing laid out – check!

– Simple syrup made – check!

– Hive set-up and facing southeast – eh, I’ll do that tomorrow….

– 5 frames removed to make room for the nuc frames – check!

– Water source ready – check!

– Hat & veil, and gloves packed for the road trip – check!

– Smoker and fuel all set – check!

– Video camera charged! – check!

Well, guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Here goes it.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Bee-day!!

  1. If you hate needles as much as I do, you should try using chewed plantain to stop bee venom. I’m very allergic to bees, but chewed plantain works better and faster than an epipen. I speak from experience!

    • Never heard of that, I’ll definitely look it up. Still have not been stung though – YAY! I’ve been out there each day with less and less gear on, but it’s bound to happen one of these days. I’m thinking about forcing a sting some time just so I know.

      • lavender oil, alcohol, and peanut butter are all supposed to work too. Oh and baking soda mixed with water until its a paste (which is then left on the sting site until it dries and falls off of its own accord). I’ve only ever tried plantain. There’s a picture of it on one of my more recent posts.
        If you do try and force a sting, make sure you do it when you’re not working the bees/ when you’re not near the hive. Bees release pheromones after they sting so that others will come to their aid. Having a mess of bees after you without any gear on would not be fun!

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