Rainy Day

I had completely forgotten to check what the weather would be like this week, and so this morning when I awoke to rain my thoughts went immediately to my bees and I became so worried. The funny thing is of course they know how to handle the elements, they have always been a part of nature rather than under the care of people alone.

I couldn’t help but go out to see the hive a few times today – just to check on them, ya know – before I left for work, again at lunch, and then a couple more times in the evening. All is well! Actually, this morning I was surprised to see a few casualties on the landing platform, but I remembered reading about how they push any dead bodies out of the hive to keep their space tidy – I actually got to see one being pushed! Even though it was raining, there were occasionally a few flying around. There were a few going out for a drink and I even saw one return with pollen baskets (brave soul!).

Didn’t look like they touched my simple syrup much that I made for them. My bee mentor mentioned to me today that they really didn’t need it as they are already probably gathering nectar and pollen of their own, which seems to be the case. He also mentioned that I was right in keeping those stuck frames together. I would have caused a lot of damage if I had tried to get them apart, so I’m glad I didn’t do that! Tomorrow looks like a nice day, hopefully I’ll get in some more good observations.


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