Not-so-zombie Bees, Just Some Clean-freak Bees

Ok, so they’re doing it again, washboarding that is. This time isn’t as dramatic and bizarre as seeing an entire organized army of sisters on the front of your hive washboarding in the same direction, at the same time, in the same tempo, but I captured it on video this time and it will at least give you an idea, on a smaller scale, of what I saw them doing before.

After seeing them do this a second time, I’m now pretty sure that they are in deep cleaning mode. A yellow streak had been building up right at the entrance of the hive due to all their pollen deliveries. Seems like these girls are a stickler for a neat and tidy home.

First, I’ll show you what normal looks like.
General comings and goings

Now take a look at washboarding.


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