Good News and Bad News

Let’s start with the bad news first to get it over with. I found wax worms in my hive today!
I pulled out the bottom board to have a look and it was covered in wax worms that were crawling through tunnels of gauzy white webbing. It was horrifying. I had no idea what they were at first, so I threw the pull-out board off to the side of the garage so it wouldn’t blow away and ran inside to look it up online. Sure enough I found an exact image right away defining what they were. I know these turn into a major nuisance for the hive and can cause serious destruction of the comb. Reading up on it more I realized that I had not been keeping my bottom board clean which is the primary reason that these pests can set up shop in the hive. Bits of wax had fallen through the screened bottom board on to the pull-out piece and had been collecting there ever since I put the bees in their hive, which lured these nasty things.

On the flip side, it made me inspect my hive more thoroughly as I was on the quest to see if any damage had been done in the frames my bees are working, and I was pleased to finally see that they have begun pulling on my plastic cell foundation! That means they are expanding out of the original 5 frames that they came with in the nuc and are now taking to my frames. The comb they built nearly covered an entire side of one frame. It was pure white and so pretty. I am so excited and can’t wait to see what more they do with it in the next few weeks! Pictures to come soon!


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