Bee Karate

Bumble Bees are not Honey Bees. Bumble Bees are the ones that are like a big black and yellow fuzzy ball and fly low to the ground seemingly bouncy as they go. They also don’t belong in a honey bee hive.

Now that I switched my entrance reducer to the wider setting, I have been a little worried about predators having an easier time getting into the hive. Know what tried to get into the hive as I sat and watched my girls today? Any guesses? Well, if you put two and two together, that makes for one big annoying bumble bee.

I watched as this guy tried so hard to get in the hive. I actually had to restrain myself from interfering too much because I was a little curious what my little bees would do, but at the same time my bees didn’t seem too concerned about this annoyance. So he finally gets in, and I kid you not, it took only three seconds until my bees whipped out some karate on his butt. He fled so quickly and erratically that I don’t think he’ll be back again – hi-yahhh!


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