Bottom Board Trouble

Tomorrow I was planning on doing my next inspection of the hive, if the weather fairs well, but I walked around the hive today and was troubled by what I saw. My bottom board is splitting open!

I don’t know how long it has been like this since I usually do my daily observations and occasional inspections of the bees while standing on the other side of my hive which is not directly in the bee line path. I’m not exactly sure what to do to fix this, if it’s salvageable, other than to purchase another bottom board and swap it out. I imagine I will have to fix this before winter in order to help prevent moisture from getting into the hive?

Here are some blurry photos I took of what’s going on. Any suggestions on what to do here would be greatly appreciated.


One thought on “Bottom Board Trouble

  1. I think as long as its still useable it should be fine. The main thing with moisture in winter isn’t keeping it out, its making sure that there’s enough air flow that it eventually gets out. Cause water’s water and it gets everywhere. I have a few warped pieces on all of my hives, and the one that is the most warped is the one that’s over-wintered bees for two years.

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