Michigan’s 1st Annual Honey Festival

This past weekend was the first annual Michigan Honey Festival. I went with a good friend of mine and had so much fun. My husband lent me his D200, the one camera he felt completely fine parting with as it’s his oldest digital camera – haha! It was fun acting like a photojournalist for the day.

There were many activities throughout the day. Rich Wieske, who heads up Green Toe Gardens apiary, was there performing as the bearded man. There was craftmaking for the kids, cooking demonstrations and mead-making demos (Ken Schram) for the adults, live hive walk-throughs for everyone, as well as lots of vendors selling beekeeping equipment, honey (of course), lotions, chap sticks, and bee-friendly plants.

Here are the photos from the Honey Festival.

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3 thoughts on “Michigan’s 1st Annual Honey Festival

    • It was so unbelievably FUN!

      I wonder why your area doesn’t have stuff like that. I would actually think beekeeping should be pretty popular out there, no?

      A big theme at the festival was of course about educating the public on how important bees are and the current challenges they are facing. Gosh, I feel like it’s a step in the right direction, but what would be better is if they actually had some sort of environmental studies in grade school for kids. What an impact on the environmental well-being of the world that would be….

      • The trend to keep bees is starting to catch on over here I think, but not enough that we have fairs specifically for it. There are stands at our other fairs for beekeeping, but usually only one or two small ones. There was one stand with an observation hive one year, which was pretty fun.
        My high school was just beginning to develop an environmental studies course my junior year a couple years ago. I was going to college so I didn’t take it, but from what I heard it wasn’t very developed and was extremely easy. I can’t stand our education system. The standards are too low and the majority of the teachers really just don’t care. That said, the kids are horrible and could cared less, lol. I took Running Start (a program which allows high school students to go to college [while in high school] for free, and receive high school and college credits at the same time) so I could get away from high school and actually learn something. Best program ever. My GPA in high school was a 2.0. My GPA in college is a 3.06. The learning environment kind of has an impact on learning I guess, lol. Anyway, that big rant was just my way of agreeing with you that our education system is sub-par and I didn’t care for it while I was in it.

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