Glamour Shots

Here are some photos of the girlies from earlier this summer!

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Bee Update

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and only because I didn’t want to post about how worried I am about my bees, but today was a great day so I wanted to catch you all up on what’s been going on.

The last few weeks of monitoring the second box that I added back in June and not seeing much progress has been a little worrisome. Autumn is right around the corner and the temperature has already dropped a bit so that it’s pretty cool in the evenings. The last time I took a look in the hive was two weeks ago and there had been no progress on the pulling of the frames. They really had their work cut out for them in order to build all the comb on nearly all the frames in the second box, and then to start storing honey and capping their honey in all of those frames…I was getting pretty doubtful that they would be able to do it in time for winter, which would mean not enough food for them to survive.

Today we had Andrew’s parents over and showed them the hive. When we opened it up there was capped honey in the first two frames and looking down upon the other frames it looked like the little ladies had done a good job of pulling wax for their new comb on the rest. I’m very pleased with the progress, and it seems like my feeding them has helped significantly. I plan on continuing the simple syrup mix that I’ve been giving to them nearly everyday/every other day until my next inspection on Labor Day weekend. I really want to avoid feeding them for such long periods of time, but as I’m still learning about the impact of the drought we had here and what autumn blooms will bring for the nectar flow, I think I will keeping going for the next 10 days to see what they do.

I’ll be taking a bee class in mid-September to learn more about bee-friendly plants – can’t wait!!!