Sting Victim!

Nope, not me…still no stings for me, but as for my crazy friend, Derek, not so lucky. Actually it’s a pretty crazy story if you have a second.

As you can probably guess from my silence, life has gotten pretty busy lately with weddings and friends/family being in from out of town for this and that. My best friend married my husband’s best friend just last Saturday (both me and my husband were standing in the wedding), and so lots of people from across the country came in for the event. Now, my dear friend, Derek, poor soul – ever have a friend that stuff just seems to happen to? – he’s just a walking disaster when it comes to attracting Murphy’s Law. So, we’re BBQing for a bunch of people these homemade sausages and everyone’s having a great time, there’s even a baby there who is being pretty good and not crying, the house is jam-packed with people and food and good cheers and then suddenly…just a retched man-scream and quick tazmanian-devil-like movements, and he’s in my house mind you, yelling “a BEE! A BEE is stinging me, a BEE is stinging me!!” We all stood and just stared at him not believing him at all and then in his panic and flailing we see a small corpse of something get torpedoed across the room onto the sleeping baby. And, strangely, it was definitely one of my honey bees. It turned out that as he was coming into the house from BBQing outside, he had felt something crawling around in his hair and when he swatted at it repeatedly inside the house, it didn’t seem to like that very much and stung him right on his arm!!!

Luckily he wasn’t allergic, and actually it’s only a small percentage of people in the world who are deathly allergic, and so we showed him the proper way to remove the stinger – basically you just take your nail and scrap it away rather than pinching the stinger between your fingers and inadvertently squeezing and pumping more venom into your skin – and then he was fine, a small red bump emerged but he was fine. I collected the poor bee from beside the baby she got flung onto and I could see her entrails hanging out where the stinger used to be. She was dieing. She was desperately and aimlessly crawling around and trying to fly. I placed her back outside where she was more accustomed and let the poor girl have some time to herself rather than have a million people want to look at her with their huge scary faces, and then I attended to my poor victim, Derek, with some creme.

How strange is that? I can literally stick my face inside my bee hive without a care in the world for months on end, and then one day a bee ends up tagging a ride on one of my guests into my house, stings him, and gets flung on a baby.

In other news, we did an inspection this week prior to a 2-hour bee workshop we attended on Thursday and things are looking AWESOME in my hive! Messy and sticky, but AWESOME! I will post again with some pics and share more details with you later. Stay tuned!