Just Add a Little Dirt


Learning something new is always fun to do. Especially when it comes to helping bees!

For the last four weeks or so my honeybees have quit visiting the bird bath water source I’ve provided them. A green icky algae had slimed the entire birdbath, and even having since cleaned it and filled it with fresh water, my bees had still not returned to it. Usually I fill the birdbath with dried leaves, sticks, and stems from plants to give them a landing pad or something to grab onto if they accidentally fall in, but still no bees were interested…and that darn green algae came back. So I cleaned out the birdbath again, and remembering back from my beekeeping class that they tend to prefer more “odorific” water, I decided to try just adding a little bit of dirt to the water. Not even an hour later, I kid you not, bees are coming and going once again! I’ve set a couple wine corks, cut in half, as a floatation device instead of twigs and such, and am having a blast watching the bees use them.

I’m not sure where they were getting their water for the last month, but undoubtedly this is much closer for them. And maybe that gross green algae won’t creep back since I’m keeping this recipe simple – start with water, then just add a little dirt.


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